sabrina fleury leclerc
I am passionate about life, and the arts always made me feel at my place. Since I was young, I always wondered what was most important to me; music, cinema, dance, drawing, photography?
 My parents always encouraged me in what I was passionate about. Being herself really talented in drawing, my mother showed me how to draw charcoal from the age of 3. When my father realized that I stopped playing with my Barbie Dolls to sit next to him and listen to his drum solo in the garage, he offered me; a microphone, a synthesizer, an accordion, tams-tams, my first guitar, and all sorts of unimaginable flutes. On the other hand, after an almost complete summer spent willingly indoors watching obsessively all the biggest Blockbusters, my parents saw how fascinated I was about cinema. That's when they bought me my first film camera, and my love for photography grew afterwards.
Subsequent my studies in Communication and Entrepreneurship, I decided to pursue my career in what animates me the most, photography. I believe that when you do what you are passionate about in life, you can not stop growing and blossoming. Ergo, I am pumped to listen to the needs of my clients, to create new projects.
If you have any questions, or want to discuss a future project, feel free to reach out!
Looking forward to work with you.
Merci de l'intérêt que vous portez envers mon travail, je tenterai de vous répondre dès que possible.Au plaisir,Sabrina